Best iOS VoIP App Awarded to 3CXPhone!

3CXPhone for iPhone has won the Voxie Best iOS VoIP App 2011 Award out of a whole host of VoIP based apps from within the Apple App Store.

“Few apps are as powerful as 3CXPhone for iPhone. If your office is using the terrific 3CX Windows-based PBX, then putting this app on your iPhone is a no-brainer. Connect your phone to the same LAN the PBX is on, and 3CXPhone is provisioned automatically for you. But even if you’re on a different PBX (Asterisk, for example), 3CXPhone works just as well.” –

3CXPhone for iPhone uses your contact list, which makes calling a breeze. Its dialer is easy to use and as Voxilla puts it, “more powerful than the standard iPhone one.” The app takes full advantage of the iOS 5 Notification Center, can handle all your GSM calls and above all, is free! With 3CXPhone for iPhone and Android, you can take your office extension with you and make calls via WiFi and 3G.

Features of 3CXPhone for iPhone include:

  • Automatically provision settings
  • Multi-line
  • Transfer calls
  • Record calls to disk
  • Shows personal call log/history
  • Supports G.711, GSM and Speex codecs
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Works with 3CX Phone System, Asterisk and popular VoIP providers

Download 3CXPhone for iPhone, Android and Windows
3CXPhone for iPhone is free and can be downloaded via iTunes or from hereClick here for more information on 3CXPhone for iPhone.

If you have an Android device, you can download 3CXPhone for Android from the Android Market for free. 3CXPhone for Android also includes the 3CX Tunnel, which proxies all the traffic over a single TCP port, allowing you to bypass restrictions that GSM providers may place to block VoIP.

3CXPhone for Windows is a free, powerful SIP softphone, which allows you to make calls via your desktop headset. Download 3CXPhone for Windows here and click here for more information.

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