Broadband providers ‘need to support VoIP’

Broadband providers 'need to support VoIP'
Internet-based services like VoIP are becoming increasingly important to NZ companies and broadband providers must up their game to support their adoption, it has been claimed.

BE Wholesale (UK), a new broadband provider, has published research showing 60 per cent of firms think unified communications would boost their productivity while reducing costs.

Furthermore, of those that have used IP-based tools like VoIP, 80 per cent said they had produced “strong financial benefits”.

However, many firms appear to lack faith in the capability of their broadband provider to back the expansion of such services.

Some 38 per cent thought their connection would not support video conferencing or VoIP, while 72 per cent said they would be more competitive if they had a faster, more reliable service.

Dan Cunliffe of BE Wholesale said many broadband providers “concentrate on the pipe, rather than what it’s there to do” – help businesses adopt the tools that improve their efficiency and productivity.

“The research brings this into stark contrast and highlights the need for a mindset change right across the broadband and ISP market,” he added.

In related news, Michael Phillips of has called for changes to the process of switching internet providers to make it faster and more straightforward.

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