3CX V15 – Update 5 3CX Linux Final, More Admin Time Savings

Update 5 brings the final release of 3CX for Linux which now has complete feature parity with the Windows version. We’ve also added further automation of the day to day management of 3CX as well as made it easier to host 3CX on leading cloud providers.

Auto Updates / Backups / Restores

A host of management tasks can now be done completely automatically or with just a few clicks:

Backups can now be automatically taken and copied to a Google Drive account.
Automatically restores backups to another instance if you have failover configured (Requires PRO or ENT).
Failover is much easier to configure.
Operating System Security updates are installed automatically (in case of Debian for 3CX).
Installs 3CX field tested product updates automatically.
New, tested phone firmwares are automatically downloaded for easy one click network wide installation (automatic alerts if phones have outdated firmware).
A Labs feature allows you to test upcoming updates that have been released in beta.
Digital receptionists can be configured as a Wake-Up Call Service extension.
Other improvements:

Easy configuration of a Gmail or Office 365 account for notification emails sent by the PBX.
DID source identification has been improved reducing DID configuration.
Windows and Mac clients are now bundled with the main install.
Chat messages are now automatically pushed to iOS and Android clients.
Known issues:

Users upgrading from V14 with custom welcome email templates will loose these changes on restore.
Changes were made to the inbuilt Snom and Yealink templates. Users with custom templates need to update their templates
When using Google drive as a backup location you might encounter this exception “Google.GoogleApiException: Google.Apis.Requests.RequestError Insufficient permissions for the specified parent. [403]”. Share the folder and set access to “is owner” or “can organize, add and edit”
Linux version does not include ODBC and LDAP. We have no plans to add these for the time being.
Reports on Linux cannot be saved in PDF format. We will be adding this feature in the next update. In the meantime use HTML format.
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Sonema Chooses 3CX’s Modern PBX & Simplifies Telephony Needs

LONDON, UK, 17 FEBRUARY 2017 – 3CX, developer of the next-generation software-based Unified Communications solution, announces that Monaco-based VSAT provider, Sonema, has completed a successful deployment of its IP PBX solution at its French teleports. With 30 years of expertise, Sonema has grown to become one of the world’s leading VSAT providers and turned to 3CX to help keep up with the demand of its technical support centers.

Sonema currently has a staff of 70 and upholds an excellent service thanks to the 24/7 support it provides to clients around the world. The company was in need of a more modern PBX with enhanced Unified Communications features, that was easy to maintain and operate, could cope with the demands of the growing business, and be deployed with minimum interference during installation.

The VSAT provider was able to deploy 3CX and be up and running in just a few hours with no down-time. In addition to the pain-free experience that Sonema had in the installation and introduction of 3CX to employees, the company is now benefiting from lower telephony costs, a result that was noticed right away.

Sonema has highlighted that 3CX has lived up to its promise.

“We have found that this product corresponds to our expectations. Namely, the simplicity of installation, functionalities, there is practically no hardware maintenance—and of course the cost saved on the system installation.”
Read the full case study to find out more about Sonema and the benefits that they are seeing with 3CX.

About 3CX (www.3cx.com)

3CX is a 100% channel company and is the developer of a software-based and open standards IP PBX which innovates communications and replaces proprietary PBXs. 3CX cuts telco costs and boosts company productivity and mobility.

With integrated WebRTC web conferencing, softphones for Mac and Windows and smartphone clients for Android, iOS and Windows phones, 3CX offers companies a complete Unified Communications package out of the box.

50,000 customers worldwide use 3CX including Boeing, McDonalds, Hugo Boss, Ramada Plaza Antwerp, Harley Davidson, Wilson Sporting Goods and Pepsi. Maintaining its global presence, 3CX has offices in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa, Russia and Australia. Visit 3CX on Facebook, Twitter and on Google+.

Kiwi VoIP is now a proud 3CX Platinum Partner

As New Zealands oldest 3CX partner we have been working hard to become a Platinum Partner. 

3CX is an award-winning IP phone system used by many top companies worldwide such as: Ray White, Unichem Pharmacies, Boeing, Hugo Boss, City of Vienna, McDonalds, Wilson Sports, Harley Davidson, and MIT. 3CX phone systems can be deployed on-site like a tradition PBX complete with IP phones and landlines as well as the ability to support remote and home workers with ease. The 3CX system can also be cloud-hosted which removes the on-premise expense of installing a phone system and making the system more resilient to disasters and local power issues.

Kiwi VoIP specializes in cloud-hosted PBX’s as well as on-premise and hybrid solutions giving our customers the flexibility they need to solve any deployment scenario. Our technicians and engineers are 3CX advanced certified and we have a close working relationship with the 3CX team so we can completely support our valued clients.


How a Mobile VoIP Client Can Benefit Businesses of All Sizes

Small, medium and large businesses may not have much in common, but one thread that currently runs through companies of all sizes is an increase in mobile working. Whether you own a startup and are frequently meeting with venture capitalists to seek funding, or you travel the world to make sales for a large corporation, staying in touch with clients and colleagues has never been more important.

For the increasing number of businesses using IP-PBX, a top-shelf mobile VoIP client can be extremely beneficial. These solutions allow employees to take their extensions with them so that any call that comes into that employee’s office line automatically rings on a mobile phone. These portable extensions allow employees to stop giving out their mobile numbers without fear of missing important calls.

Best-in-class IP-PBX vendors offer clients for both Android and VoIP, meaning employees won’t have to get rid of a phone they love to reap the benefits of enhanced business mobility. These providers also offer calling over 3G or Wi-Fi, which makes communications reliable from almost anywhere. Additionally, calls between colleagues on the same system are free, even if they are placed or received from a mobile phone—a particularly attractive benefit for smaller businesses with fewer resources.  Best-in-breed clients also offer features like:

  • Email that can be configured remotely
  • Easy conference calling from mobile phones
  • The ability to post status to “available,” “away” and “out of office” from a smartphone
  • PUSH notifications that help conserve mobile battery life
  • The ability to see presence of colleagues from a mobile screen

Whether your company employs five, 50 or 500 people, flexible, reliable mobile communications are critical in today’s business world. The question is: How mobile is your business?

Increase Productivity and Empower Employees With UC

You have a problem: You know your employees are working hard, putting in long hours and giving everything they have to your company, but you aren’t seeing results in productivity and profit that you need to keep growing. So what is holding your workers back?
If you are still relying on a legacy, wire-based phone system, chances are your employees currently lack the business communications tools they need to perform optimally. As an executive, your responsibility is to put your employees in the best possible situation to succeed, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by deploying a sophisticated software-based phone system with unified communications (UC) features, such as:

When employees have the ability to view colleagues’ statuses, they can avoid wasting time attempting to reach those who are offline or otherwise unavailable. With presence, your employees know immediately who is reachable and on what communications channels.

UC solutions allow your employees to take their company extension with them anywhere they go, so they’ll never miss important client calls that come into their office phone. Additionally, rather than having to keep track of various mobile phone numbers, mobile solutions make life easier for office workers by allowing them to simply take a quick peek at a company directory and a 3-digit extension to reach colleagues no matter where they are.
Unified Messaging

With UC, all voicemails, emails and faxes can be delivered to a single inbox that can be reached without having to call into a cumbersome company system. So rather than having to check for important messages in several different places, employees can get the information they need delivered to one easy-to-access location.
UC does more than improve productivity in the office; it also makes life easier and increases job satisfaction for workers when they feel empowered to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

3CX Phone System v12.5 Beta – Important Change – New Port Numbers

With the release of 3CX Phone System v12.5 Beta, changes have been made to the port numbers making the deployment of 3CX Phone System much simpler. For a correct operation of 3CX Phone System, administrators should forward the correct new port numbers and make the following changes:

HTTP and HTTPS Port Changes

The ports previously used for HTTP and HTTPS were port 5000 for HTTP and port 5001 for HTTPS. This change affects Phone Provisioning URLs, access to all websites (Management Console and Reporter), and Presence in 3CX Bridges. The new ports are:

  • Port 5000 becomes port 80 for HTTP.
  • Port 5001 becomes port 443 for HTTPS.

The Phone Provisioning URLs need to be updated by simply removing port 5000 from the URL. For example:

  • The provisioning link in V12: http://example.3cx.com:5000/provisioning/{randomfoldername}


  • The provisioning link in V12.5: http://example.3cx.com/provisioning/{randomfoldername}

Since the Provisioning link has been modified, 3CXPhone Clients need to be re-provisioned otherwise they will not be able to connect to 3CX Web Presence Servers. To avoid these issues, access the 3CX Management console, click the Extensions node, select all the extensions in the list and click “Send Welcome Email” button.

3CX Bridge Presence URL

From the management console:

  1. Expand the “Bridges” node.
  2. Click on each bridge which has 3CX Presence enabled and navigate to the “3CX Presence” tab.
  3. In the “Receive Presence Information” sectionremove port :5000 or :5001 from the URL.

For example:

  • http://example.3cx.com:5000/MyPhone/MPWebService.asmx


  • http://example.3cx.com/MyPhone/MPWebService.asmx

Media Server Ports

The port ranges for Media (voice and video) have changed. Administrators need to edit their firewall rules and forward the following range of ports: 9000-9199 UDP Only (Total of 200 ports) .
Ports 9000-9099 will be used to transmit media for SIP VoIP Calls, whilst ports 9100-9199 are used to transmit media for WebRTC VoIP Calls.

HTTPS Certificates

From Version 12.5 and higher, any certificates generated at installation time can be backed up and restored using the 3CX Backup and Restore tool. This way administrators can ensure that client certificates remain the same.

x86 Installations

3CX Phone System can only be installed on x64 based Windows Operating Systems. Support for x86 has dropped.

Winforms Removed

The 3CX Winforms Management Console has been removed from the 3CX Phone System installation. This is deprecated. 3CX Management Console is Web Based only from now on.