Favorite IP phones for 3CX – Poll results

We recently held a poll asking 3CX users & partners which was their favorite IP phone. The poll enabled us to get some real data on what phones are really used in the field and allows us to decide on which to focus. We got a total of 509 votes, and the results we’re as follows:

  1. Cisco/Linksys      166     31.44%
  2. Snom     97     18.37%
  3. 3CXPhone     67     12.69%
  4. Yealink     61     11.55%
  5. Aastra     42     7.95%
  6. Grandstream 39     7.39%
  7. Polycom     37     7.01%
  8. Other answer…     19     3.6%

The clear winner was Cisco, with Snom following as a good second. 3CXphone softphone deployment clearly gaining in importance. It is interesting to see Yealink in 4th place after only 6 months of being officially supported. Disappointing results for Grandstream and Polycom – Polycom phones coming in last with only 7% of the votes, and Grandstream not much before that with 7,4% of the votes, despite its market presence and price. Aastra phones are no longer supported but still ended up in 5th place.

It seems that 3CX Users and partners are therefore going for Cisco, Snom, 3CXPhone and Yealink phones. Thank you all for voting!

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