Increase Productivity and Empower Employees With UC

You have a problem: You know your employees are working hard, putting in long hours and giving everything they have to your company, but you aren’t seeing results in productivity and profit that you need to keep growing. So what is holding your workers back?
If you are still relying on a legacy, wire-based phone system, chances are your employees currently lack the business communications tools they need to perform optimally. As an executive, your responsibility is to put your employees in the best possible situation to succeed, and one of the most effective ways to do this is by deploying a sophisticated software-based phone system with unified communications (UC) features, such as:

When employees have the ability to view colleagues’ statuses, they can avoid wasting time attempting to reach those who are offline or otherwise unavailable. With presence, your employees know immediately who is reachable and on what communications channels.

UC solutions allow your employees to take their company extension with them anywhere they go, so they’ll never miss important client calls that come into their office phone. Additionally, rather than having to keep track of various mobile phone numbers, mobile solutions make life easier for office workers by allowing them to simply take a quick peek at a company directory and a 3-digit extension to reach colleagues no matter where they are.
Unified Messaging

With UC, all voicemails, emails and faxes can be delivered to a single inbox that can be reached without having to call into a cumbersome company system. So rather than having to check for important messages in several different places, employees can get the information they need delivered to one easy-to-access location.
UC does more than improve productivity in the office; it also makes life easier and increases job satisfaction for workers when they feel empowered to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

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