Kiwi VoIP Sponsors “United Against Abuse”

Here at Kiwi VoIP we believe in sponsoring people and causes that provide benefit to either people or communities. We are very proud to have sponsored this person and her supporters.

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What is the Cause?

United Against Abuse is a fund set-up to raise money for an anonymous young woman who was the victim of a brutal and prolonged attack overseas. This young woman was held against her will for a long period of time and brutalised in every manner conceivable: Physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually. When she managed to escape she was flown home with nothing but a couple changes of clothing and still fighting for her life. Due to her physical condition after the attack she is unable to work (And has been deemed unfit by a qualified physician) and her family have exhausted their resources rehousing her and providing her with means to live.

Early next year this young woman will have to return to the country where this occurred and testify against the young man who did this to her.

What will the Money be Spent on?

All of the money raised for this cause will go to sending this young woman and her closest network of support overseas to the trial. It will pay for their flights, accommodation, meals and making the young woman feel as beautiful as we possibly can as she faces her attacker (Yes, this means a new outfit).

What if you raise more than $20,000?

Any funds passed $20,000 will go toward her doctor bills, dentist bills, getting some basic necessities (Such as clothing, toiletries etc.) and the like. If there is money left over passed this it will be donated to a well-known anti-violence charity. 170 Below Events will not profit financially from this in any way.

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