Kiwi VoIP – Equipment

Equipment Installation

  1. What do I need to use Kiwi VoIP?
  2. You will need broadband access to the internet. Remember that calls count towards your data usage. Select voice quality in settings
  3. You will need a soft phone or alternate device which lets you make calls over the internet. If you want to make video calls you will need to make sure your device has video support.
  4. If you’re using any of the Remote Access services you won’t need a broadband connection.
  5. Does Kiwi VoIP provide internet connections?
    Yes we do, check out our internet offers here
  6. I want to Bring My Own Device but need to know if it will work with Kiwi VoIP – what does it need?
  7. Your device will need to be SIP V2 or above compliant
  8. It will need to support on of these codes iLBC, GSM, G.711 codec
  9. If you want to connect a traditional fax it will need to support T.38 pass through
  10. If you want to use video calling it will need to support H.264 or H.263

  11. X.Lite 3.0 won’t let me add multiple phone lines?

    A. Unfortunately the latest version of X.Lite only supports a single phone number. If you want to configure multiple phone lines we recommend that you upgrade your softphone and purchase Eyebeam, the full feature softphone from Counterpath the creators of X.Lite. Eyebeam is available from the Counterpath site –