VoIP systems offer a ‘myriad of benefits’ to businesses

VoIP services and systems offer a “myriad of benefits” to businesses over regular telephone lines, according to a technology expert.

According to kiwivoip.com, line rental is much cheaper for VoIP lines compared to telephone ISDN lines, while the cost of calls is also greatly reduced.

What’s more, there are no additional costs for adding or removing additional lines, a factor that could appeal particularly to smaller businesses.

For larger firms, VoIP can easily be integrated into a strategy of unified communications throughout the organisation, while new numbers and area codes can be allocated, allowing firms to centralise their customer contact centres.

“Another huge advantage to the VoIP system is how easy it is to move or transfer phone numbers,” Nick Lawson Technical Director of Kiwi VoIP said.

“It also makes it far easier to move office should you ever need to, as you won’t have to change any of your business numbers.”

Earlier this month, JD Sports revealed that it is establishing a VoIP service network across all 450 of its stores in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

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